In the 1950s Zeiss Ikon cameras were known for their innovative design, excellent build quality and superb lenses. The new Zeiss Ikon camera combines a classical design with easy-to-use operation. Manual or auto TTL exposure metering as well as an AE-lock function gives you complete control of the exposure situation. The Zeiss Ikon viewfinder has the widest rangefinder base on the market assuring highest possible focusing precision. The design is extremely compact, incorporating high precision rangefinder mechanics and advanced optics.

The Zeiss Ion rangefinder system includes a complete range of Carl Zeiss lenses featuring the very latest optical designs. They are specifically designed to minimize focus shift due to aperture variation, particularly important for rangefinder photography. They also feature highly advance flare control for truly brilliant images: virtually zero geometric distortion for accurate reproduction of object shapes.

The manually focusable Carl Zeiss SLR lenses for analog and digital single-lens reflex cameras are available with three different mounts. The SLR lenses are designed for use on cameras with an F bayonet (ZF), K bayonet (ZK) and the traditional M42 screw threads (ZS).

Zeiss Ikon Camera Body
(Black & Silver)

Zeiss Ikon SW Camera Body
(Black & Silver)

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