Business Divisions

Consumer Division

Division Vision

Market success depends on careful planning and a firm commitment to excellent standards. With our excellent business partners, an integral part of our business, we provide a strong base of marketing expertise, resources and services.

Division Services Provided

  • Strategic market positioning and sales support
  • Distribution and Merchandising

Strategic market positioning and sales support

In Shriro Consumer Division, our strength lies with an experienced and aggressive sales and marketing team. Our commitment to our brands make us believe that the human element in sales and marketing is our most important asset, Shriro Singapore invests heavily in human resource development to build a team of professionals dedicated to one purpose - creating achievers and leaders. Highly responsive to customers' needs and market trends, our sales and marketing professionals are adept at designing and implementing effective marketing-mix strategies and programmes respectively that work to enhance your market share.

Distribution and Merchandising

In distribution, each product line is carefully analysed in terms of its market positioning, target market and product image to achieve the most effective penetration. They are supported by Shriro's extensive distribution network, covering about 3,000 outlets - hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores, minimarkets, convenience stores, petrol and food kiosks, pharmacies, Chinese drug stores, grocery stores, hotels, hamper packers and other speciality shops. Under Food Service’s portfolio, we served more than 1000 customers in the hotels, restaurants, clubs, catering and night entertainment channels. We worked with owners, F&B professionals, chefs and purchasers to meet their outlets’ daily operational needs.

Division Brief / Workflow of Division with supplier to consumers

The strong market share of our agency lines is the result of meticulous planning and synergistic marketing programmes. At Shriro, we work very closely with our Principals and business partners to develop a consistent programme of marketing support activities - covering market research, aggressive promotional programmes to build brand awareness of each product, new product development etc. Our computerized Market Information System also gives us quick and accurate access to sales data; monitors and analyses sales trends and provides other essential sales information, keeping us in tune with competition and customer needs and helping us maintain the leadership positions of our products.