Full freedom light shaping

Innovation, quality, and control

What is a photographer looking for when buying flash equipment? Of course, it's the quality of the light produced. It just has to be good: evenly distributed, reliable, colour stable, and fast. Also, it's the range of tools available. Naturally it should be comprehensive, including reflectors, snoots, spotlights, ringflashes, softboxes, ect. And more. Offering complete light shaping freedom, every Profoto product features a unique zooming system.

Profoto manufactures a complete range if flash generators from the small and portable ComPact an Acute to the D4 with extreme flexibility, precision, colour/flash stability and control to the Pro-7 range with super short recycling and flash duration times. The range also includes 2 different battery operated generators.

D1 Air
The new Profoto compact

Professional photographers today need durable, tough, fast and consistant flash units, suited for digital photography and demanding assignments. Profoto is well known as the world leader in electronic flash technology. The Profoto D1 Air is fully digitals, not just on the display panel, but in the flash output control circuitry as well. This is to ensure a consistency in flash-to flash color temperature and flash energy. The dual mode SMPS capacitor charging technology ensures the flash-to flash precision, which is essential for today's photographer.

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Fast just got faster with Profoto Pro-8a Air As the fastest flash generator in the world, we never stop exceeding the boundaries in both recycling time and flash duration. Thanks to the new two-stage SMPS capacitor charging technology, the short 0.9 s recycling speed at 2400 Ws gives you up to 20 flashes per second and up to 1000 flashes per hour. Short flash durations down to 1/12,000 s give you super sharp images. So fast means never having to wait.

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Remote control and sync without cables with Profoto Air Now it's easy to shape and control your light from as far away as 300 m (1000 ft). Our new digital radio system, Profoto Air Remote, is built in to all Pro-8a Air generators. Complete flash control of your camera, in your hand or from your computer, including flash power and modeling light control. Control an unlimited number of generators and heads on eight channels.

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