About Hasselblad

For over fifty years now, Hasselblad has been devoted to a very simple task: to producing the finest camera equipment known to man. In making the tools that will enable us to live up to the Hasselblad Brand Promise, " To Help Photographers Achieve Their Photographic Potential."

Every component of the Hasselblad system reflects our dedication to this principle from the legendary V system to the modern auto focus H system.

Today Hasselblad produces with the most advanced digital products which meet the needs of professionals who require the best, whether in the studio or in the field. Digital Backs range from 16, 22 and 39 million pixels(single shot/multi-shot).

Hasselblad offers professional-level scanners for both film and document. The high-end scanners are easy to use while still retaining the quality inherent in the original.

HTS 1.5

The revolutionary HTS 1.5 is a tilt and shift adapter that can provide a pivotal step-up for many Hasselblad photographers. Compatible with the HCD28mm, HC35mm, HC50mm and the HC80mm lenses it, in effect, adds four different "tilt and shift lenses" to the range. This simple device solves not only technical challenges but promotes exciting opportunities for creative solutions too. The combination of well-known optical principles combines with the latest in digital image control provides a powerful package that will expand photographic expression to new levels. Hasselblad holds a patent pending on the HTS 1.5.


The World's Best DSLR Camera Has Just Gotten Even Better The H3DII is the 4th generation of the Hasselblad H-system, is the ultimate high-end DSLR camera system, providing all the advantages of a truly integrated DSLR to the large sensor format, enabling all photographic parameters to be optimized and resulting in an unsurpassed level of image quality. The H3DII provides improved controls and functionality, better sensor cooling, a new and more intuitive user interface, and a bright, 3" display. When combined with the new Hasselblad's image processing software the H3DII will set a new standard for digital photographic quality.


Build on our long legacy of analogue photography, the hasselblad H2F is Hasselblad's contribution to photographers dedicated to working with film. The H2F is designed for the toughest professional use and is equipped with an array of user-friendly features. When adding the range of high-performance HC lenses, the H2F is the obvious choice of the professional film photographer.

CF and CF-MS

The Hasselblad CF line of digital backs offers 22 and 39 megapixel digital capture with the Hasselblad I-adapter open camera interface, and the ability to add true-color, multi-shoe capture. The CF digital backs bring a new level of flexibility to the professional digital photographer.


The Hasselblad CFV digital back is custom build to match the design and functionality of the Hasselblad V System cameras, thus turning the V System camera into a new digital workhorse. Digital capture is extended with tools for powerful digital workflow control with the Hasselblad instant Approval Architecture. The Hasselblad CFV also fits view cameras using the V System interface plate for mechanical attachment and flash sync connection trigger the digital capture. Hasselblad CFV thereby brings an ultra high level of integration and flexibility to the professional photographer who needs the best for both mobile and studio shooting.

The new Flextight X1 and Flextight X5

Scanning, whether from transparencies, negatives or reflectives was once an occupation on its own. Nowadays more and more photographers are finding the need to include this activity in their workflow. There are many reasons why a high-end scanner can be seen as an integral part of a photographer's equipment today.

HC Lenses

All HC lenses have electronic shutter mechanisms and feature Multi Coating for efficient stray light elimination, an integral focus drive motor, and instant access to manual focus without switching between manual and auto focus. All lenses use metal not plastic. The lenses are threaded filters and include lens shade and bayonet mount and can be reverse mounted for transport.

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